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Ericsson, the Crown Jewel of the Swedish business world. As the global market leader in telecommunication, Ericsson is universally recognized as the standard-bearer for the industry. – It’s an honor to have been part of their global brand team for more than seven years.


When the Ericsson business and brand strategy was updated under the brand promise The Quest for Easy, the company embarked on a global rebrand. The project encompasses the core visual identity – both collateral and experiential – as well as more than twenty products across a myriad of business areas, including software and hardware.

In recognition of the effectiveness of this project, it recently won a prestigious Red Dot award in the “Corporate Identity & Design” category, and the interface for Ericsson won the ”Interface & User Experience Design” award in 2018.


Since 2009, Per has been part of the Brand Team at Ericsson on an almost daily basis. Per’s responsibilities has covered taking part in all matters of design development, brand consistency and product development for the 150,000 employee-strong enterprise.

From 2010 through 2014, Per simultaneously worked as the lead designer for a software interface project created to replace more than 200 different interfaces that previously populated Ericsson’s portfolio. The project resulted in a streamlined design language with common components, patterns and layouts. The team consisted of designers, GUI experts and stakeholders in Ireland, India, Germany and Sweden.

During 2013, and through 2015, Per also supported Ericsson during the creation of The Hub, Ericsson’s in-house agency. Co. participated in the recruitment process to select suitable candidates and educate new employees in Ericsson’s design processes and needs. The new organisation quickly grew from 0 to 40 employees in Gurgaon and Bangalore, India, and now caters to the global organisation in marketing material production. We continue to oversee the creative production in close collaboration with two other members of the Brand Team.

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