Ericsson + Co.

Ericsson, the Crown Jewel in Sweden’s business world. As the global market leader in telecommunication, Ericsson sets the standard for competitors such as Huawei and Nokia Siemens. It’s an honor that we have been part of their global brand team for almost six years.

Per has worked with Ericsson since 2010, helping the brand team with design governance and production of everything from posters, presentations to software and support tools. Per has also filled the shoes of the Global Brand Design Manager during 6 months and also functioned as the design lead of the development of a common interface for all Ericsson software (over 200 unique GUIs).

Per also supported the build up of an in house agency for Ericsson in India, catering to Ericsson’s global need of communication materials. We recruited, trained and supervised the quality of the output. During this time we created an creative hub consisting of two creative directors, designers, copywriters, developers and web specialists – 35 employees in total.